How do I enrol on the course?
You can enrol on the course either through the website or by calling the Studio on 01788-521743.

How soon after enrolling can I start the course?
Once you have enrolled on the course and paid the course fee, you will have immediate access to the online course modules which means you can start learning straight away. Practical training will be provided within three weeks of completion of the theory aspect of the course.

How long will it take me to complete the course?
The time it takes to complete the course will depend on how quickly you learn as an individual, and also on the number of hours per day you spend on it.

Is there a time limit for completing the course?

Are the courses accredited?
All courses are fully accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists for membership and insurance.

Are the courses accredited for Continuing Professional Development - CPD?
Yes. The course is accredited for Continuing Professional Development by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists.

What support is available to me whilst doing the course?
All GTi courses have access to integrated email support from fully qualified therapists and tutors.

What if I am dyslexic?
Each course module includes an audio soundtrack of the course material which is ideal for students who are dyslexic.

Do I need anything special on my computer?
You will need to have a modern web browser and speakers or headphones. Please note that the GTi course modules do not currently run on some mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads and are not compatible with Google Chrome browsers.

How will the course be marked?
Following each course module you will take an online examination which requires a pass rate of around 70%. For the practical module you will need to demonstrate that you can perform the outlined tasks to the skill level required.

Am I allowed to refer to text books or notes during the examination?
No. You are expected to complete online tests under exam conditions without referring to any notes, text books or online help.

What if I fail a module?
If you fail a module you have the ability to re-take the examination twice. If you fail the module you will be contacted by the tutor who will offer support before making a final attempt.

What if I fail the practical assessment?
You will need to arrange another day of training with the GTi Training Centre where your practical assessment was carried out. You will be charged for this.

Do I need to complete any paperwork?
No. All examinations are completed online and a record of your marks is displayed in your login area. When you complete your practical module you may need to fill out your details as well as a review form.

What will I receive when I complete the course?
You will receive a GTi Award certificate on successful completion of the course.


 Once full payment is received an email will be sent to you with your link to Register with the Guild of Beauty Therapist for you to start the Theory.   PLEASE, NOTE THAT ALL NEW STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT A MEMBER OF THE GUILD OF BEAUTY THERAPIST MUST APPLY FOR GTi Student Membership at a cost of £25.00.  Once registered you will start your Theory Training which can be done in your own time.  When you have successfully completed the Theory, an appointment date will be made for you to attend your Practical Training at our Sacha Studio Academy located in Dunchurch.

All candidates are required to bring a model on the day of Practical Training. If you are unable to bring a model, please inform us 24 hours prior to training.



If a student who has paid £25 to become a GTi Student member wants to upgrade to Full Guild membership including insurance after they have completed their GTi course, how much will they have to pay?

We want to make the upgrading process as attractive and as fair as possible. If a student has paid £25 for GTi Student membership and wants to upgrade within the first 3 months of their membership, the £25 they paid initially will be deducted from the Full Guild membership and insurance cost. In most cases this will mean that they will be able to upgrade to a Full member including insurance for just £70 including VAT.


What other benefits do the students get from being Guild members?

There are lots of other benefits that the new GTi Student members will get including a subscription to Guild Gazette magazine and Guild Gazette digital magazine. Guild membership provides proof of trade status which some wholesalers require before opening a trade account. Guild membership also opens up access to online advertising on Beautyguild.com, free CPD modules and discounts on GTi courses including the new GTi GDPR course.


If a student takes out GTi Student Membership but does not complete their course within 3 months, will they have to pay again to renew their membership?

No.   Once a student has enrolled on a GTi course they can complete it in their own time even if their Guild membership has lapsed.


If a Student’s Guild membership has lapsed and they want to enrol on another GTi course, will they have to renew their membership?

Yes.  The changes we are introducing on May 1st 2018 mean that everyone who wants to enrol on a GTi practical course will need to be a Guild member. If a student who has completed a GTi course wants to enrol on another GTi course, they have 3 membership options available:

  1.        They can renew their GTi Student Membership for another 3 months for £25

  2.        They can take out Associate Guild Membership without insurance for 12 months for £55*

  3.        They can apply for Full Guild Membership with insurance for 12 months for £85*

*These prices include the application of the £10 discount which the student gets by using the school’s referral code.


How will referral discounts and referral credits be applied?

The current referral process relies on schools providing their referral codes to students and the students using the code when they apply for membership.  If the referral code is not handed out or the student does not use it, the referral discount will not be applied.

All Theory modules and examinations are completed online with full online support available. On completion of the course, successful students will receive a GTi certificate. 

Once you have successfully completed the Theory, an appointment will be made for you to attend your Practical Training at our Training Centre in Dunchurch Warwickshire.